Viewer and Daytona Beach resident Michael Nesevitch said he often sees people attempting to cross a street while another car is making a right turn.

  • Who has right of way at intersections -- pedestrians or cars?
  • Daytona Beach resident says pedestrians cross regardless of signage
  • Sgt. Kim Montes said cars must yield to pedestrians

In this week’s submission, Nesevitch wrote:

"When approaching an intersection with a green light, you're turning right and the walk signal is flashing red.  Does the motorist or pedestrian crossing the street have the right of way?"

Nesevitch said he's come across a crosswalk in Daytona Beach where lots of cars and pedestrians have to navigate around each other every day.

"I have encountered people crossing in the crosswalk against the red light that tells them not to cross," said Nesevitch.

The problem is that both cars and pedestrians sometimes do not respect the signage and what it is telling them to do.

"I know the pedestrian has the right way but technically should they not be in the crosswalk illegally?" Nesevitch said.

Sgt. Kim Montes with Florida Department of Transportation said: "If the pedestrian is still attempting to cross, then the car must let them finish and yield the right of way to the pedestrian, before making the right turn."

We hope that answers your question, Mike.

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