Now that Christmas is over, we can start looking toward the new year and say goodbye to everything that was 2017.

  • Google breaks down most searched items of 2017
  • Hurricane Irma top searched term globally
  • Bitcoin, April the Giraffe also were top trending items

Google Trends has broken down by category what people were interested in the most this year, and apparently, it was a year of hurricanes, Bitcoin and trying to find solar eclipse glasses.

Hurricane Irma was the No. 1 most searched topic globally for 2017. The strongest Atlantic basin hurricane ever recorded hit our area, Irma hit the state Sept. 10 and sent Floridians into a whirlwind with preparations, seeking shelter and cleaning up.

As for global news, Bitcoin came in second place. The cryptocurrency made some people a lot of money very quickly — although most people, it seems, still don't understand exactly how it works.

Other global news trends were the Las Vegas shooting, North Korea and the solar eclipse. April the Giraffe even rounded out the top 10. Remember the phenomenon of thousands of people watching a live stream, waiting for her to have her baby?

For next year, we can look forward to the Winter Olympics and a royal wedding. In fact, Prince Harry's fiancee, Meghan Markle, is the second most Googled person of 2017, coming just behind Matt Lauer.