It may be two days later, but some Christmas gifts are worth waiting for.

That was definitely the case at the Hillsborough County Courthouse on the morning of Dec. 27, 2017, where 14 children were adopted into 11 families.

  • Event facilitated by Eckerd Connects
  • Still a need for more foster, adoptive families
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Among the newly adopted children was 18-month-old Emma, who was adopted by Rosa Diaz. Diaz said Emma was born premature and struggles with a number of health issues.

Rosa didn’t hesitate to take her in and help her reach every little milestone.

"Show her how to crawl, how to do different, simple things that you might take for granted,” Diaz said.

After learning she couldn’t have kids of her own, Diaz has opened her heart and home to 17 foster children in need of love and support.

"Around ten years ago I was diagnosed with infertility," Diaz told us. "That's when I decided to foster without any intention of adoption, just to be around kids and spend time with them," Diaz said.

Diaz has now legally adopted two children, and Emma will be in great company with her brother Michael. Diaz said she finally feels like her family is complete and is so happy to give the children a forever home and lifetime of happiness.

The event was made possible through Eckerd Connects. A spokesman there said there is a need for more foster and adoptive families.

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