The Polk County Sheriff's Office is asking the public's help in identifying a woman accused of stealing a wallet from a customer at the Mulberry Dollar General Store. 

  • Woman accused of stealing wallet from customer
  • Woman takes wallet left behind, uses cash to pay for items
  • Anyone with information to call 863-499-2400

The incident occurred Tuesday, Dec. 19, just before 11 a.m. at the Dollar General Marketplace off of Shepherd Road. 

Deputies said a customer, Connie Crow, left behind her wallet on the counter at checkout and an elderly woman, who was behind the customer, stole it.

Crow told us she was shopping with her granddaughter at the time.

"The lady asked me if I had anything less than a 20," Crow said. "so I got my wallet out, checked and I guess I laid it down by mistake,” said Crow.

Deputies said the elderly suspect took the wallet, opened it up, looked inside, took some cash out, and paid for her items. 

As the suspect walked away with her items, Crow walked back inside and asked the cashier if she's seen her wallet. It was nowhere to be found.

"I was very, very upset," Crow said. "Just a few days before Christmas and I was really upset for a few days after that."

Deputies said the wallet contained $250 cash, the victim's driver license, and credit cards. Officials said the suspect has not contacted the victim nor anyone at the store to report finding the wallet. 

Surveillance video caught the crime in action. Deputies ask anyone with information on the theft or who might recognize the suspect to contact Detective Berganza at 863-499-2400.