Homeowners of the Cross Creek neighborhood in Parrish are pleading with developers to give them their mail.

  • Residents in Parrish neighborhood fighting to get mail
  • Residents in Cross Creek have not received mail for months
  • Postal Service, developers working on resolution

For months, residents of the Parrish neighborhood have not been receiving mail at their residence but were given the option to pick up their mail at the nearest post office.

"We pay our taxes, we need our mail," homeowner Sylvia McDonough said.

The U.S. Postal Service said it’s too costly to deliver mail to each one of the single boxes and that the neighborhood must install a cluster box. 

"Local postal officials will continue working with all stakeholders, including developers and builders, to ensure a satisfactory resolution," Postal Service spokesperson Enola Rice said.

According to McDonough, via correspondence with the USPS, they have requested that the developer, Medallion Home, put in a cluster box; then, the mail will be delivered.

McDonough said Medallion Home will not give her an exact answer. 

"He said, 'Well, we’re still negotiating.' What are we negotiating?" she said.

McDonough has had little time to enjoy her retirement home since moving in earlier this year, and she never expected to have to ask for her mail.

"Off the checklist I have when I’m buying a new home is, 'How old is the roof,' or 'How old is the furnace.' My checklist didn’t include, 'Do we get mail?' " McDonough said.

Doris Anderson, 83, and her 88-year-old husband said the situation has been an inconvenience. 

"We have a lot of medication, mail-ordered medication. ... Having to go to the post office is just like having to go to the pharmacy," Anderson said.

Anderson and McDonough are just a couple of the neighbors who have complained to Medallion Home. 

The developer has not responded to a request for comment.