A Florida Highway Patrol trooper is out of a job after allegations of sex on the job. 

  • FHP trooper resigns amid accusations of sex on duty with married woman
  • Trooper Scott Maus resigned Wednesday 
  • Husband Robert Abruzzese filed a complaint with the Florida Highway Patrol

Trooper Scott Maus resigned Wednesday after reports that he had sex with a married woman during working hours. 

The allegations came to light last week when Robert Abruzzese found racy text messages and pictures on his wife's phone. Abruzzese said he had a feeling his wife was having an affair the same day she was involved in a traffic crash. 

Abruzzese said the pair met when his wife had a crash on Dec. 8 and Maus was the responding trooper.  Abruzzese said they exchanged numbers and text messages followed between the two.

He said that's when he checked the phone and found texts between his wife and Maus, a trooper since 2014 working out of Pasco County. 

Abruzzese said his wife and Maus met at a New Port Richey motel and had sex. He also said his wife told him she and Maus also had sex behind an abandoned church on Little Road in New Port Richey while he was on duty. 

Abruzzese filed a complaint with the Florida Highway Patrol, saying "You're in a position of authority, a position of trust. Taxpayers are paying your salary. A badge is not a license to go out and have sexual affairs." 

The agency released a statement saying it is taking the complaint seriously.

Even though Maus resigned, there will still be an administrative investigation conducted by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles' Office of Inspector General.