It's been only one month since friends and family of Katarina Lynn Dickinson put up a memorial along University Parkway--the road where she lost her life in a car accident this past February.

  • Plaque stolen from Katarina Dickinson's memorial site along University Parkway
  • Katarina Dickinson was killed in a crash in February
  • Family believes the theft may bring new insight into the case

"She was very well known and she had a very bright future ahead of her," said Katarina’s mother Lori Dickinson.

Lori always knew her daughter stood out. From modeling, to dressing up as a mermaid as part of a family business, Katarina’s most recent endeavor--graduating as an EMT.

However, right as Katarina’s life was taking off, her life was cut short.

"When she went off the median, she immediately got hit by two small cars and then a semi-tractor hit her in the passenger side and it just creamed the car. It was gone," said Dickinson.

FHP ruled Katarina was at fault for her accident but her parents believe there might be more to the story.

They are coming forward with new information for FHP to reopen the case.

"We didn’t know what happened when she got hit, but now we have a couple of witnesses that have come through because of the sight we put up," said Dickinson.

On the back of Katarina’s memorial her parents put FHP’s phone number--urging anyone who saw the accident that night to come forward. 

This past week on Christmas Day, they found out someone stole the handmade memorial, only leaving a few pictures behind. 

The family is convinced this was not done randomly. 

"The plaque is missing that had the information for the Florida Highway Patrol. It just makes it more suspicious that they didn’t want that plaque up," said Dickinson.  

No matter the reason the memorial was taken, the family is just pleading for its safe return. 

They already lost their daughter, and they said they want to at least preserve her memory.