A Clearwater woman just got a big boost to her ministry in Haiti thanks to a Lakeland business owner.

  • Clearwater woman receives military truck for her ministry
  • The owner of My Family's Seasonings donated the truck
  • It will be used to transport patients in Haiti to the hospital

Amanda Pecott said her prayers were answered almost immediately when Christine Quinn, owner of My Family’s Seasonings, donated a surplus military truck to her ministry Psalm 139 Love, Inc.

“Honestly, I was in shock,” Pecott said.

The two met at The River Church in Tampa in October. They were sitting next to each other and Pecott told the congregation she needed a vehicle, and Quinn told her after church she could make that happen.

“Immediately, she set about doing stuff and I was like 'is this for real?'” Pecott recalled.

As fate would have it, Quinn’s company was doing well and she had just taken her first cruise to Haiti and felt compelled to help the people there. She had also just decided to redirect some of funds she spent on leisure.

“This year, when I noticed all of the NFL football players were disrespecting our country and sitting and kneeling during the national anthem, I decided I’m going to forego my season tickets for the Bucs and buy a tank and do something better for our world,” said Quinn.

Pecott said the truck will do wonders for the ministry she started 15 months ago. She’s already paid for kids to go to school, and built a cooking center and fresh water wells for the remote villages she works in near the Dominican Republic border.

“I’ve been to some villages where they literally put someone in a chair, tie a rope around them and then four guys will each carry the leg of each chair and then they’ll walk three hours to the nearest medical clinic. Unfortunately, many of them die on the side of the road,” Pecott said.

With the truck, her group will be able to transport kids to school and patients to the hospital.

“I get teary eyed because when I think about the people that are in Cayhonde that can’t get to a medical clinic. That’s not fair. With the truck, I mean who knows what could happen to Haiti. Another earthquake could happen. This truck will be able to plow through everything. It can save people,” said Pecott.

Quinn said her medical doctor friend who sold her the truck donated a $10,000 hospital exam table. The table will used to work on patients while they’re being transported to the hospital.

“I just cleaned it off the other day and it’s like oh my gosh it’s so beautiful. You can literally lay someone down on there. You can transport them, and we’re going to be able to do any medical work necessary,” said Pecott.

Both of these women hope the Bay area will chip in and help pay to ship the truck, as well as fill it with supplies to send to Haiti. They estimate shipping will cost $5,500, which also includes gasoline, insurance and customs fees.

Some of the supplies needed for the truck are a tire jack, dog bones for the truck, empty gas cans, spare batteries and belts for the engine.

They are also hoping people will donate clothes and soccer balls for the children.

The supplies can be dropped off at My Family Seasonings, which is located at 5001 Gateway Blvd., Ste 1 in Lakeland. Or, you can head here to donate.

They are accepting donations until Jan. 5.