Driver confusion may be causing dangerous driving conditions at a prominent Orlando interchange.

  • Driver confusion at SR-528/Narcoossee Road interchange
  • Traffic light has red turn arrows; drivers don't stop
  • CFX says additional signage will not be added

Ismael Rosario wrote to us this week:

"The traffic light at the Beachline exit to Narcoossee Road has a red turn arrow. Many drivers turn right even though the light is on with the red arrow without any stopping. There are so many near-misses here! And then on the other Beachline exit, there is a sign in the right turn that tells you that you can't turn right!"

We caught up with Rosario who has lived near the Narcoossee Road and Beachline interchange for the last three years, meaning he uses Narcoossee Road every day.

"Yeah, that's basically my main road to just move anywhere here,” he said.

Rosario is especially wary around the interchange which he claims to be extremely dangerous when driving through it, which means he has to be extra cautious.

"The first thing that I think is, 'I do have a daughter,'" he said. "And I'm really concerned. Many times, she's driving with me also."

His first issue is on the Beachline eastbound exit ramp to Narcoossee Road.  If you are turning right, instead of a typical red light you have two red turn arrows.  He claims that drivers are confused about what to do there and will just jump in front of traffic.

"They might probably hurt somebody totally innocent," Rosario said.

When I inquired to CFX if possible signage could be added to the area they responded,

"The signal in question at SR 528/Narcoossee is proper per FDOT traffic signal standards.  As such, CFX does not plan any modifications to the signal or the addition of additional signage."

Driver education may be a factor here some have suggested.  Just remember that you need to completely stop at a right turn arrow, but then can still make a right turn if the way is clear, unless there is a No Turn on Red sign.

We were however able to help fix the other problem though on the Beachline westbound exit to Narcoossee: a No Right Turn sign seemingly in a right turn lane? It was confusing drivers.

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