Embattled Davenport Mayor Darlene Bradley did not show up for a special meeting at City Hall Thursday, one where her political future was discussed following her arrest on Dec. 5.

  • Bradley accused of illegally using a deceased person's parking permit
  • City Commission voted unanimously to ask governor to suspend Bradley
  • Residents support the commission vote

Bradley's seat was empty for the special city commission meeting held on Dec. 7. The mayor's attorney did send the commission a letter stating they believe politics are at play in this matter.

Polk County Sheriff's deputies arrested Bradley after they say undercover video captured her parking in a reserved spot at City Hall. Deputies said Bradley stole a dead woman's disabled person's parking permit and altered its expiration date.

The allegations were enough for the city commission to unanimously vote to ask the Governor to suspend the mayor until the criminal case is resolved.

Residents we spoke to supported the commission's vote.

"I think the governor should be contacted and she should be suspended," said resident Deborah Burress.

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Commissioner Bobby Lynch called the incident an embarrassment to the city.

"I think it does give the commission a black eye, the city a black eye, really, and it's really against all handicapped people," Lynch said. "Really, if you think about it because you're actually doing something that you shouldn't be doing that other people are entitled to."

The letter from the mayor's attorney states that Bradley was under the erroneous belief that the permits were associated with her husband's visual disability. It also explains that Bradley was the victim of a violent carjacking, and that was why she parks as close to the door as possible at night.

One resident we spoke to didn't accept the explanations.

"Get over it or get therapy," she said. "There's therapy out there for people who are still hurting."

The letter from the mayor's attorney went on to say he looks forward to seeing the evidence against Bradley for the two felony charges she faces.