Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Gwen Graham is set to unveil a package of ethics reforms Thursday, and she said they are directly related to the Jack Latvala sexual harassment case. 

  • Dem. candidate set to unveil ethics reform package
  • Package related to the Latvala sexual misconduct case
  • Latvala accused of groping, making demeaning comments toward 6 women

There has been a lot of talk about whether accusers are adequately protected from retribution and that could be part of the package. 

GOP Sen. Jack Latvala has been accused by six women of groping or making demeaning comments about their bodies. The Florida Senate is investigating Latvala. Latvala has denied the allegations, but last week one of his anonymous accusers went public.

Democratic Senator Lauren Book filed her complaint with the Senate Rules Committee on Tuesday, saying Republican Senator Jack Latvala made a deliberate effort to out his accuser, Rachel Perrin Rogers. Rogers is a top aide to Senate Majority Leader Wilton Simpson and her husband is a prominent GOP consultant.

Simpson put out a statement on Monday that said his aide is "trusted and valued member of my team for more than five years."

Rogers is the first woman to go public with allegations against Latvala. 

Latvala says the allegations aren't true and called Book's complaint "guerrilla warfare" in an effort to keep the controversy alive. He said he hasn't seen the complaint, but the only thing he's guilty of is defending himself. He also said Book violated Senate rules by making her complaint public before it could be reviewed.

Gov. Scott has called Latvala "a distraction" and has said that he should resign if the allegations against him are true.