A family in Osceola County is decorating with purpose and St. Cloud is a little brighter this holiday season, especially because of the 90,000 lights on Moore Street.

  • The Johnson Family hopes to raise $10,000
  • Family decorates their home for kids staying at Nemours Children's Hospital

The Johnson’s decorate their home every year but it is not just for fun. It is also to raise money for the children who spend Christmas at Nemours Children’s Hospital in Orlando.

"Whenever I was like 6 years old, I asked my parents how the children in hospitals got presents and that’s how this started," said 11-year-old Emily Johnson. "We wanted to give them something."

However, making this come to life does not come easy. These kids give up a lot of playtime to put it all together.

"Outside of Thanksgiving we're working. Every day after school we're working until 10:30 to 11 at night," said Emily’s brother, Ryan Johnson, who is 13 years old. "Weekends it's, work work work. Never stop working. Even when once done, we don't stop working."

The Johnson’s get a lending hand from friends who live close by, such as their neighbors, 11-year-old Kaylee and 13-year-old Austin. The squad has created an inseparable bond over something they all love.

"Definitely over summer we spent most of the summer together which definitely built the relationship. And then Christmas lights being over here, we're here almost every day," Kaylee said. "Like really helpful."

One new thing they added this year is a section to remember victims of attacks and shootings, such as those at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Paris and Vegas.

"It's special to see that the community can come together and kind of get away from everything and have a nice thing to look at and have fun," Austin said.

These folks do not just want to help sick kids; they also hope to help restore people's faith in humanity.

People from all over come to see the house. It is free of cost, but donations are accepted and appreciated. So far the Johnson's have raised about $400 through mostly cash donations, but their goal is $10,000.

The family, which has a Facebook page, is also hosting a toy drive on Saturday night for the children of the hospital, where information about it can be found here.

Those who wish to make donations can go to the family's GoFundMe.com page here.

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