Students at a Polk County elementary school got the chance to take a ride in one of the most expensive cars in the world Friday, thanks to a local man who wants to drive them to success.

  • Students were all recent 'Students of the Month'
  • Car owner a product of Polk County Schools
  • Owner plans to visit more area schools  

A group of kids at Socrum Elementary thought it was just going to be another day at school, but then they got the chance to do something not many people get to do: take a ride in a Lamborghini.

"I just like everything about the car. It's just so awesome," fifth grader Katelynn Stewart said.

"I thought that it was probably going to be some kind of like fake kit car but then when I got here I felt so much better," fourth grader Branson Wilson added.

All of the kids who got their turn in the passenger seat have been student of the month. It's an honor only given to students who excel in their school work and in their attitudes each day.

"Not only does academic excellence play an important role but they have to make sure that they are model citizens, pioneers I say model pioneers. And that's doing what's right everyday," Socrum Elementary Principal Kenyetta Feacher said.

School officials say the event, sponsored by Tutor Doctor Lakeland and Computer Xpress, was meant to encourage students to continue working hard.

"I try to tell students education is a vehicle to so many opportunities. And today the vehicle is a Lamborghini," Feacher explained.

The Lamborghini’s owner, Anthony Newman is a product of Polk County schools. He hopes bringing the car here can serve as an example to the students.

"It's a rare opportunity for me to even sit in a Lamborghini," said Newman. "So when I get in it, I look at it and it represents the success and the hard work in school."

This is the first time Newman has given rides to kids at area elementary schools. However, he said he plans to visit more schools in the coming months.