Parents at Hudson Middle School in Pasco County are working hard to get a shelter for the kids built near the pick-up line. Students currently don’t have anything that protects them from the elements.

  • Cost of shelter construction estimated at $68,000
  • Parents, teachers have begun fund raising efforts
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“Sometimes it gets really hot out, the sun's beaming right on you, you kind of really want to get out of the sun, and it would be nice to have shade here," said student Jackson Smith.  

The absence of any sort of shelter for students awaiting pickup at Hudson Middle is something parents and teachers at the school are hoping to remedy.

“[Shelter] would improve my waiting by keeping me protected by the sun, by the rain, and possibly getting struck by lightning," said student Jesse Cintron.

The district got a quote for the cost of building the shelter at $68,000.

“We put a request in and it's a special budget request because it's not a typical expense that's covered by the school district," said Hudson Middle principal Joe Musselman. "Not that they don't support us, but you know their budget's limited, and awnings are a luxury."

That’s why Parent Teacher Student Organization President Denise Cintron is making it her mission to raise funds for the awning's construction.

“We're doing all that we can for their kids -- we want them to have the best," said Cintron.

The PTSO is hosting a shoe drive and a mud run in April to help fund raise. For more information, visit the school's website at