A total solar eclipse will make its way across the United States on Monday, and staff at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex are getting ready.

"This eclipse is coming across the heartland of America,” said KSCVC communicator Steve Agid. “That makes it very unusual. No eclipse, we believe, is ever going to be seen by more people than this one coming up on Monday.”

KSC is hosting a viewing event for people across the Space Coast.

"We are expecting a great crowd,” said communications manager Rebecca Shireman.  “We are really excited to show that we have experts here that can tell you about the eclipse and learn more about space.”

During the event, space experts will be on hand to discuss the eclipse. Astronaut John-David Bartoe will also be there for a presentation in the rocket garden.

Officials are stressing the importance of having certified solar eclipse glasses, which will be handed out at the event.

"Safety is paramount. You can look at it but you have to have those special eclipse glasses to do that,” Agid said.

Viewing for the eclipse on the Space Coast will start sometime around 1:30 p.m. and end at 4:15 p.m.

For those interested in attending the event and getting a pair of solar eclipse glasses, staff members suggest arriving early.

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex opens at 9 a.m.