In the days leading up to the solar eclipse, many experts warned you not to look directly at the sun unless you wore protective glasses.

Experts hope most of you heeded their warnings. If you did not, Dr. Andrew Antoszyk says it could be a few days before you realize you damaged your eyes. 

"They may notice visual blurring such as a dark spot in their center vision," said Dr. Andrew Antoszyk, Charlotte Eye Ear Nose & Throat, P.A.

If your head started to hurt while looking, that's not a symptom to be concerned about. If your vision starts to blur, that's when you worry.

Antoszyk says the lasting impact depends on how long you looked up and how well you see. 

"If their vision's worse, say 20/100 vision, then that carries a more guarded prognosis and they may not get back to where they were," he said.

If you don't notice any changes within the next few days, Antosyzk says it's unlikely you damaged your eyes.

The best option if you're worried is to call your eye doctor.