A bizarre confrontation occurred late Tuesday morning on a Brevard County beach.

  • Man approached trainers, dogs at Paradise Beach 
  • Trainers say man tried to steal training collar, went after another dog
  • Man not caught, but trainers say they won't prosecute

A man confronted a group of dog trainers while they were working with the animals. He even seemed to try to take one of the dogs.

Off Leash K-9 Training owner Nick Shalton was rolling video when a man approached the group at Paradise Beach around 11:30 Tuesday morning, while they're teaching obedience to a German shepard, a boxer and a chihuahua.

Despite the warning not to pet the dogs in their care, the man continues to pet the German shepard.

"Hey! What are you doing?" one of the trainers is heard saying.

Seconds later the man grabbed the training collar around the dog's neck, and tried to pull it off.

The camera dropped to the sand as harsh words were exchanged.

"I had a dog, a camera in my hand. Started chasing the guy," said Shalton.

Shalton said he went into full blown defense mode over his employees and dog clients, and confronted the man while another one of them called 911.

"He circled around and tried to get the chihuahua," he said.

The man took off down the beach, but not before taking one of the electronic collar radio controllers.

Melbourne Police came to the scene to get statements from the group.

"I'd like my equipment back," Shalton said.

That radio controller is worth around $150.

Police tell us the man threw it in the ocean after taking it.

The suspect is still out there -- but officers say the group has not decided to prosecute.