A 12-year-old Pasco County girl is educating her peers about Tourette Syndrome. Adrianna Trader is a seventh grader at Thomas E. Weightman Middle School and has lived with TS for the past two years. She hopes to help others who have it. 

"Having Tourette Syndrome doesn't phase you, it doesn't make you different, it doesn't make you awkward, it makes you so special. When you're older you might become a teacher who wants to teach people about it, and I just want you to know you guys are so special to me, even though I don't know you, I know you guys will do great," Trader said. 

Adrianna said the experience helped her walk around school more freely with her peers understanding more about her. She also gave out braceletes to students she spoke with. 

Adrianna plans to continue her mission to educate others about the disorder.