As residents cleared store shelves of hurricane preparedness-related supplies on Sept. 5, stores in the Bay area that were running low on particular items reported they would be receiving additional supplies the next day.

  • Stores running short of water, batteries, trash bags
  • Managers unsure what time 'emergency shipments' would arrive
  • Scenes from Harvey spurring people to action

We checked with several stores and they were running out of some items Tuesday night like water, batteries and trash bags.
Managers said they're working to re-stock the shelves quickly with "emergency shipments," but they couldn't say exactly what time the supplies will be arriving or what will be on the supply trucks.
Shopping center parking lots, meanwhile, were full of people out looking for items to help them weather a potential storm.
"The best thing you can do is prepare in whatever way that you need with food, with water, with batteries. Make sure your gas tank is full and then have a plan," said Rachel Evan, who bought two large coolers.
At stores like Home Depot, plywood is going fast. Area store locations had employees helping people load it in their cars and trucks.

Joel Raven has lived in Florida for about 10 years. He said he's planning to board up his house and then evacuate.
"Boarding up some windows, trying to make sure everything is elevated in case we get flooding, hopefully not, and then trying to get as much as we can in the car and getting out of here hopefully Thursday night," he said.
Some people said they are getting prepared earlier than they usually do when a hurricane is threatening the area. They said after seeing the damage Hurricane Harvey did to Texas they're not taking any chances.
"What happened after Hurricane Harvey and I've seen all that damage that it caused," said Frank Muir. "I'm not worried about the flooding so much like happened there, but I am more worried about the power surge and the wind damage."