As people prepare for the impacts of Hurricane Irma, volunteers with the charity Hands Across the Bay handed out gift cards to people stocking up on hurricane supplies. 

They call themselves Kindness Warriors, and together they're on a mission. 

"We want to make sure everyone is prepared for Hurricane Irma, so we wanted to give you a gift card to help you buy some supplies." 

Many people were surprised and grateful for the kind gesture. 

"We want to bless you with a $50 gift card to purchase anything you need today so you can get some supplies just for you," a volunteer said. 

For one mother, it was relief at a time when the stress of preparing for a hurricane weighs heavy. 

The volunteers said they get a gut feeling when deciding on who to help. 

"You kind of just get a butterfly feeling you stomach. You see somebody and you just know," Dee Schuler, a volunteer, said. 

These warriors hope their random acts of kindness will have a ripple effect--one store at a time. 

"It's all about the little things we can do and we all come together and we can make a huge difference," Schuler said. 

The volunteers will be back out all day Thursday to surprise people with their generosity. They expect to give our $2,000 worth of gift cards.