The Historic Peninsula Inn in Gulfport is going green and has found an affordable way to do it. 

A rarely used financing program is helping Pinellas County business owners become more environmentally conscious. 

For Veronica Champion, the Historic Peninsula Inn is a labor of love. 

"We shop, we take care of things, we fix things. It's an old, wooden building so we're fixing things all the time," she said. 

Champion bought it in 2016 and gave the place some much needed TLC.

Lucky for her, Pinellas County recently approved Pace financing for businesses. It allows property owners to finance energy efficient improvements through a long term property tax. If the property is sold, the tax stays with the property, not the owner. 

So far, the inn is the county's first and only Pace project. 

"It really is a part of the heart of Gulfport and I would hate to see it be anything less than that," Champion said. 

The inn now has energy efficient air conditioning, appliances, and lighting fixtures. 

Champion encourages others business owners to consider Pace funding if they're looking to go green. It may seem costly, but it could end up saving you business expenses in the long run.