Four years after he stole the hearts of people across America with a plea for family that went viral, Davion Only-Going celebrated another in a series of blessings on Thursday -- graduating from high school.

  • In 2013 Davion stood in front of his church, asked for someone to adopt him
  • Caseworker that brought him to church that day adopted him
  • Davion now working on documentary to tell his story

"The fact that I'm here now getting my diploma, it's just very ... I'm just happy," Davion said. "Another milestone in my life."

In 2013, his humble plea for someone to adopt him, made while wearing a suit and standing in front of his church, went viral.

In the end, he got his wish from an unlikely but close-at-hand source. The caseworker who brought him to church that day adopted him, and spoke about him at his graduation from MYCroSchool Pinellas Charter High School Thursday evening.

"I adopted my son at 17," said Connie Going. "I adopted a 17 year old, ok? That's a little challenging. He's amazing. He's graduating today."

Davion told us he's got big plans, thanks to all the support he's received over the years.

"Thank you for your support," he said. "This is the result of your prayers and your support. I'm graduating now, I'm going to go ahead and become a chef. I'm going to try and become a high executive chef and possibly own my own restaurant."

For now, though, Davion is working with a documentary crew to tell his story, hoping it will help children in the foster care system find their forever homes.

For the young man who once only wanted a family to call his own, the possibilities now seem endless, and the sky truly is the limit.