SEMINOLE, Fla. -- For teenagers in Seminole, the Teen Room at the Seminole Recreation Division is the place to be.

Two years ago, it looked different. But now, it's been upgraded thanks to the city's Community Development Director.

"If it can survive summer camp then, we know we're in good shape," said Mark Ely.

Ely donated $50,000 to the teen room.

"It's a great place, keeps the kids off the streets, gets them socially engaged and you've got a structured environment," said Ely.

He has been known to donate to projects at the recreation center when he sees a need. 

The teen room now has virtual reality gaming, interactive technology, and a movie projection screen.

"It was surprising to see how new it was and how good it looked," said Lauren Montag, a summer camp intern.

Montag has been coming to the center for as long as she can remember. 

"It's a lot of fun here. It's a fun place to be," said Montag.

Now the intern is one of many teens who can enjoy the room all summer long.

Ely is already researching his next project for the recreation division.

"Stay tuned. We'll see what I can come up with," Ely said.