SEMINOLE, Fla.-- Residents at The Lake Seminole Square Retirement Community enjoy being a part of a walking club that helps them stay healthy and be social. 

  • Walking club helps seniors stay active and social
  • Residents track miles and "travel the world" 
  • Has helped residents walk longer and stay walking 

The club has 57 members and they work together to set and achieve goals with help and inspiration from each other. 

"It's not only a physical activity but it's a social activity, and both of those are so important as we age," said program director Donna Mackenzie. 

Each walker keeps track of their daily miles and at the end of the month they are counted and the group meets for a celebration. Then they plan a trip on a map and make it their goal to collectively walk the amount of miles that it would take to get there. 

This club has helped some residents increase how long they can walk and others, like resident Nell Keithley, believe this club is the reason they can still walk.  

"I don't know what I would do without this place," said Keithley. "Without this club, I don't think I'd be walking at all." 

No matter the distance they walk the residents are improving their health one step at a time.

"It keeps me going," said resident Marge Bradshaw. 

Since the club began in 2016 the residents have collectively almost walked 12,000 miles.