LAKELAND, Fla. -- A police investigation into $117,000 in missing funds from the city's Simpson Park complex has resulted in no charges.

The city's finance department noticed something wrong in March and began an internal audit. It concluded that there was a problem with money missing, going back several years. It also asked the police department to conduct a criminal investigation. 

In question were cash and checks taken in by Simpson Park employees for things such as camps and other activities taking place at the complex. The investigation found that multiple employees were responsible for taking that money to the bank, but there wasn't enough oversight to ensure it was all deposited. 

"There's no paper trail to show where that cash money went," Lakeland Police spokesman Gary Gross said about the report.

The report shows that Lakeland Police interviewed Simpson Park employees who handled money -- and even subpoenaed their bank accounts.

But nothing could be proved to show who took the money. 

"That could have gone back into our community. It's pretty disturbing," said Brandon Springfield, who works out at Simpson Park. "I just couldn't imagine how that much money could go missing and not be caught sooner."

Four Simpson Park employees either resigned, retired or were fired as a result of the city's investigation. The fired employee is appealing the firing.

The city also said it has put much more stringent money-handling policies in place since it was discovered that the money was missing.