Cold temperatures and wet weather greeted University of Michigan and University of South Carolina fans in Tampa for this year's Outback Bowl.

  • Michigan, USC battle in Outback Bowl
  • Fans wanting warm weather didn't get wish

"I came to Florida and I expected 75 and sunny and it's not that. It's not that at all," said Kyle Jameson.

Tailgaters huddled under tents, using grills to try to stay warm.

"I'm from Florida, so I'm freezing. Horrible day for a football game," said Liz Balyga.

People game to the game wearing heavy jackets and carrying blankets.

"I put on a Carolina sweatshirt underneath and then I've got an old 80's style rain jacket to try to keep me a little dry," said Gary Deoliveira.

Michigan fans said they're used to cold temperatures but they said they were hoping for warmer weather in Florida.

"This is freezing. Nothing is keeping me warm," said Debbie O'Neill.

But fans on both sides said they'll brave the cold weather any day to cheer on their teams.

"I've always been a big Michigan fan since my dad is from Michigan, so I've been to lots of Michigan stuff and I just love Michigan. So I wanted to celebrate by dyeing my hair blue," said Norman Wyble, 10.