When it comes to what you value in a new car, everyone has a preference.

“I would say the safety features are very important,” said Brian Sherman, who was looking at new cars while waiting for his vehicle to be serviced at the Brandon Honda Dealership.

For Crysi Calta who was looking at new Honda Accord models with her 3-year-old son Kalvin, gas mileage and comfort were most important.

“You can tell engine performance,” she said. “I like a very smooth drive.”

Honda Big Showing

Considering a wide array of factors, Kelley Blue Book came up with its Best Buys for 2018.

“They have to have an affordable class price, low operating costs — like insurance and fuel, and low depreciation, which means the resale value will be higher on them,” explained Kelley Blue Book Managing Editor Matt DeLorenzo.

KBB looked at more than 300 new vehicles hitting the road this year in multiple categories, including cars, trucks, SUV’s, minivans and even electric/hybrid vehicles. Once again, Honda made a big showing, with six out of the top twelve best buys:

  • Honda Civic — small car
  • Accord — mid-size car (overall winner)
  • The CR-V — small SUV
  • Honda Pilot — mid-size SUV
  • The Odyssey — minivan
  • Honda Clarity — electric/hybrid car

Honda Accord — Overall Winner

The Honda Accord was the overall winner and also won it’s class for mid-size car, beating out other consumer favorites like the Toyota Camry. The 2018 Accord just underwent a major redesign, and KBB said the latest technology was an important factor that pushed it over the goal line.

“It’s an all new car,” said DeLorenzo. “It’s demonstrably better in technology, design and driving.”

Brandon Honda General Manager Sam Raabe said the Accord was already their top seller, and the new design is gaining even more attention.

“It has two turbo charged engines in it. You’ve got a 1.5 liter and a 2.0, and it’s the world’s first 10 speed transmission for a front wheel drive vehicle,” he said.

Bill and Phyllis Hodges bought the first 2018 Accord on the lot at Brandon Honda and say they love it.

“Technology! I just love technology,” Bill Hodges said laughing, “This car has more technology on it than most of the airplanes I learned to fly.”

Other Winners

  • Chevy Impala — full size car
  • Ford Expedition — full-size SUV
  • Ford F-150 — pick-up truck
  • Porsche 718 Boxter — performance car
  • Audi A5 sport-back — luxury car
  • Audi Q5 — luxury SUV

Best Selling Vehicle

As for the best-selling vehicle in the U.S. for 2017, once again, Kelley Blue Book says it was the Ford F series — a light-duty pick up truck.

“It made a big leap forward three years ago, when they introduced the F-150 with aluminum body panels,” DeLorenzo said. “And they shifted to the V-6 engine, which really helped fuel economy.”

The Ford F-150 also won "Best in Class" for pick-up trucks. Consumers are smart and value and sales often go hand in hand.

Complete KBB 2018 Best Buy List

  • Honda Civic — small car
  • Honda Accord — midsize car (overall winner)
  • Chevy Impala — full size car
  • Honda CR-V — small SUV
  • Honda Pilot — midsize SUV
  • Ford Expedition — full-size SUV
  • Honda Odyssey — minivan
  • The Ford F-150 — pick up truck
  • Honda Clarity PHEV — electric/hybrid car
  • Porsche 718 Boxter — performance car
  • Audi A5 sport-back — for luxury car
  • Audi Q5 — luxury SUV