The wife of the Pulse shooter was in federal court Thursday as attorneys and the judge worked to sort out what can and can’t be presented to the jury at her upcoming trial.

Noor Salman’s defense attorneys are trying to convince the judge to allow a friend of the Pulse shooter named “Nemo” to testify.

Her attorneys say Salman believed her husband was going to visit him the night before the attack and didn’t know that he was instead preparing for the attack.

Prosecutors argue Salman knew what her husband was planning.  The judge hasn’t ruled on whether “Nemo” can testify at trial.

On Thursday, the judge did rule prosecutors can present financial records that show that Salman and her husband were on welfare, but made several expensive purchases, including high-priced jewelry, in the days before the Pulse attack.

Salman’s attorneys are expected back in federal court on Friday morning to discuss more concerns with what evidence is allowed at trial.

Salman’s trial is scheduled to begin March 1 in Orlando.