The wife of the Pulse shooter is expected back in federal court on Friday to discuss what evidence will be allowed at her trial.

On Friday, prosecutors argued a terrorism expert should be allowed to testify. They believe he can help them prove Salman knew her husband supported the Islamic State terrorist group and was planning an attack.

The judge ruled the expert can testify at trial.

The judge has yet to decide if a friend of the Pulse shooter can testify. A man known as “Nemo” told investigators Salman didn’t know her husband used hanging out with him as a cover for cheating on her – something defense attorneys want the jury to hear to show Salman didn’t know everything her husband was doing.

Overall, Salman’s defense attorneys said they believe they’ve gotten a fair chance to shape what evidence the jury will get at trial.

“We are satisfied that we’ve gotten a full and careful hearing on all the issues and that’s really what I’m seeking,” said defense attorney Charles Swift.

Salman’s attorneys said Salman is hopeful she will get a fair trial.

“She’s hoping for a fair trial – that’s what we’re fighting for with all of these hearings,” said defense attorney Linda Moreno. “But it’s been very difficult. She’s away from her 4-year-old son, and she’s been locked up for a year for something she didn’t do.”

On Thursday, the judge ruled prosecutors can present financial records that show Salman and Mateen made several expensive purchases, including high-priced jewelry, in the days before the Pulse attack that left 49 dead and dozens wounded.

Salman’s trial is scheduled to begin March 1 at the federal courthouse in Orlando.