Much-needed flood relief is on the way for parts of Pasco County.

  • Pasco County getting $6 million in FEMA funding
  • Money will go to improve drainage in the county
  • The county estimates the first project will be completed in 2 years

The county just announced that it is getting more than $6 million in FEMA funding.

That money will go to three major drainage improvements, according to a news release.

About $1.55 million will go to Forest Hills drainage project. It’s an area in Holiday that is always at risk of flooding during rainy season.

Homeowner Bill Latta says the water can get up to his front door and there’s not a whole lot he can do about it.

“The street disappears,” Latta said. “This has been going on for quite a while.”

Residents say it can be hard to get home after a major rain event.

“Awful. Sometimes I have to go home by going up another street and come back down and it’s just as bad the other way,” Karen Poloski said.

That’s why they’re relieved to hear about the new funding.

“As long as they take the money and do the right thing. Fix the roads that need to be fixed and the drains,” Charles Kemet said.

Forest Hills is the first of three areas in Pasco County that will soon have federal money to go toward flood relief.

Pasco County estimates that the first project will be done within two years.

The other two spots the county expects to get FEMA money is for south Zephyrhills near Oak Ridge Heights and Port Richey near Gateway Mobile Home Park.