A Tampa Bay area couple is making a difference in the community through their work at their faith-based medical clinic.

  • Angels Care Center of Eloise and Project Love is in Polk County
  • Founded in 2011; has served more than 1,000 patients
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In Polk County, just a few miles south of Winter Haven, stands the Angels Care Center of Eloise and Project Love.

It all began more than seven years ago, when Larry Powell mentioned to his wife, Janey, there was a need for a clinic for people who lived there.

What did Janey say to that?

"You know, you're absolutely right, and somebody should do something about that," she said.

As you probably have guessed, that somebody turned out to be the couple of 46 years. The clinic was built and opened in 2011. And it has been busy.

"We've now had over 10,000 patient visits that have come in here," Janey Powell said. "We're here every Tuesday night for primary care, and we also have a diabetic clinic on the second week of every month."

It also has additional clinics and services.

"The majority of the people who live in the area, surprisingly, are migrant families who lived here a long time. They come and go," Larry Powell said.

Angels Care was the first of the Powell's two ministries. The second was Project Love.

On the day Everyday Hero reporter Bill Murphy visited, volunteers were packing gift bags and kits for people who visit.

"Tooth brush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, wash cloth, lotions, hand lotion, deodorant, combs," Janey Powell said.

There is a large cross on the wall that Janey Powell says was made by a volunteer named Yvonne Krogulski, who covered it with 1,000 cut-out paper butterflies.

The Powells' love and passion for the people of this area can be seen at every turn. And the reason for the hard work?

"Well, we love people," Larry Powell said. "We see a need and we try to help them."