Newly released evidence against the wife of the Pulse shooter shows surveillance video of the moment Omar Mateen opened fire in the crowded nightclub.

  • Video evidence released in hearing for Pulse shooter's wife
  • Noor Salman accused of aiding, abetting husband Omar Mateen
  • US attorneys wants to use shooting video as evidence against her

The evidence could be used against Noor Salman in her upcoming trial. She's accused of aiding and abetting her husband, who killed almost 50 people in the June 2016 mass shooting in Orlando.

The video evidence is being held at federal court in Orlando. In the videos released Tuesday, you can hear law enforcement tell each other, "He just told them there's an explosive device in the car."

When talking about the victims, officers are heard saying, "We want to make sure no one's coming out with a bomb on them."

The U.S. Attorney's Office argues that the footage is necessary to prove the extremely chaotic circumstances police were under, and to provide an explanation as to why Salman was interviewed by law enforcement before she was placed under arrest.

Based on those conversations and other evidence with law enforcement, Salman was arrested. But Salman's attorney argues that those statements were given under extreme stress and should be thrown out of her trial.

It's a major decision that Orlando attorney Mark Nejame says could play a huge factor in her case.

“The court will have to determine whether she was in custody or not. Because if she wasn’t in custody, then Miranda wasn’t even applicable because she gave voluntary statements.” Nejame explained.

Nejame, who's not working on this case, said he thinks that if the judge agrees with the U.S. attorneys, the videos introduced Tuesday will only validate their point.

Judge Paul Byron has not made a decision on this evidence but will have to before Salman's upcoming March trial date.