Family members gathered for a candlelight vigil honoring the memories of a mother and daughter killed in a shooting just days ago, on what would have been the daughter's 17th birthday.


Brene Marshall and her mother, Taneta Morrell, were murdered in their Brooksville home on Jan. 23. Morrell's longtime boyfriend, Adolphus Washington, was also shot and is in critical condition, according to family members.

Detectives engaged in a stand-off for hours with the suspect in the shooting, now identified as Khristian Francis, 23, before taking him into custody early on Jan. 24.

One of Morrell's sons, Rashawd Morrell, didn't recognize Francis, and said the family is still searching for answers.

"People are asking me questions. They’re asking us questions and I don’t have any answers, and I feel like I’m the person that I always got an answer for something," Rashawd said. "But this is the one time it’s really beating me up even more, because I don’t have any answers."

Waiting for those answers to come and coming together for a family is all Morrell's two sons can do right now. They did so Friday evening, remembering and honoring the lives of their mother, who loved to dance with her kids, and their sister, who brought just as much joy as her mom.

"The same. I mean exactly the same," said Morrell's other son, Laron Adams, speaking about his sister's resemblance to their mom. "Looked the same, act the same. [Brene] was more conservative though. She knew how to keep it back. My mom was like, 'I don’t care if anybody watching, I’m gonna be me, I’m gonna do me.'"

The family told us they're trying to keep everyone's spirits up as they deal with this heartbreaking loss, in addition to having lost a brother just a year ago. The hope is once they learn more about what happened that night they can find some kind of closure as they grieve.

The Morrells have created a GoFundMe page to collect donations in order to help pay for the funerals. To learn more or to make a donation, visit

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