While many Floridians stay inside to keep warm when the weather gets cold, one family visiting Citrus County didn’t let the cool air stop them from having fun on the water.

  • Vandyke family visiting from Toronto area
  • "It's a lot warmer than it is back home."
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The Vandyke family, visiting from just outside of Toronto, bundled up before their ride at Wild Bill's Airboat Tours on the Withlacoochee River.

The family had no concerns taking the ride on the water, even with the cooler weather.

"When we drove out it was about -12 degrees Celsius, driving through snow, driving through a blizzard just to get out of Canada and come down here," said Jamison Vandyke. "So even as cold as it is, it's a lot warmer than it is back home."

The family seemed to be the only ones eager to brave the chilly air, however. Their family booked the only tour with Wild Bill’s Wednesday.

"It slows down quite a bit," Captain Aaron Bergwerff explained. "Not too many people want to get in an airboat with this weather."

But the captains said as long as you dress for the cold, it's not too bad.

"You got to dress for it. I look like the Michelin man," Bergwerff said.

And while the Vandyke family did say they were hoping to have some warmer weather on their trip, they still had a great time.

Photo: Kim Leoffler, staff