Polk County students will be the first to head back to school today after the holiday break. 

  • Polk students return from Winter Break today
  • School officials taking precautions in the cold
  • District spent Wednesday testing bus batteries and heaters

And they're heading back to frigid temperatures. 

Meanwhile, school officials have been preparing to keep students comfortable and safe. 

The district is easing up on uniform rules during the cold days and making other adjustments for students. 

Polk schools had its bus drivers out early yesterday, checking out buses to make sure the heat is working and engines cranking. Batteries are the biggest concerns for the buses in the cold weather. 

Extra buses will be out along various routes this morning. 

The district is also advising schools to keep outdoor activities inside today and all principals have been instructed to be lenient with the dress codes.

Some parents also are making adjustments, with many saying they'll keep children in cars at the bus stop or just driving them to school.