A Winter Haven man was arrested and charged Sunday in the death of a 38-year-old man. 

  • Winter Haven man charged in homicide of 38-year-old man
  • Calvin Ross charged with 2nd degree murder
  • Johnathon Miller killed on Jan. 6

Calvin Ross, 27, is accused of killing Johnathon Miller, 38, on Jan. 6. 

The Polk County Sheriff's Office said the homicide occurred at 135 Manseau Drive in Winter Haven around 6:38 p.m. Saturday. 

Deputies responded to the home and found Miller unconscious, with facial damage, and head trauma. He was transporter to Winter Haven Hospital and then to LRHMC where he died several hours later. 

Witnesses told detectives that Miller and Ross got into an argument outside the home and heard noises that were described as, "thuds."

Ross then went inside the home and quickly went into his room, the report stated, before going to a roommate and saying, "Miller is on the ground and needs to be checked on."

Detectives found a bloody pick hammer in the grass where Miller was found. Miller also had blood on his clothing and footwear, detectives said. 

Ross was arrested and charged with 2nd degree murder with a weapon and violation of pretrial conditions. Ross has a pending case and was out on bond for aggravated battery that occurred on April 2, 2017, where he struck another resident in the head with a brick, according to the report. 

Ross also has a previous criminal history, including charges of aggravated battery, domestic violence, assault, petit theft, VOP, possession of marijuana, and carry a concealed weapon, the sheriff's office said.