BARTOW, Fla. — A 20-year-old Bartow man has been arrested on charges of aggravated manslaughter of a child after a 14-year-old girl died in February. 

  • Matthew Wayne Christian arrested; Audra Pender sought by police
  • Rhiannon Quinn, 14, died after overdose
  • Both suspects face charges of aggravated manslaughter of child

Bartow police said Matthew Wayne Christian was having a sexual relationship with Rhiannon Quinn. Rhiannon Quinn posted pictures of herself with Christian on Facebook and even included his last name as part of her profile. 

Matthew Christian's father, Larry Christian, said Rhiannon's mother Audra Pender was aware of the relationship.

"So he end up talking with her mom and she said it was alright so he moved over there," Larry Christian said.

Chief Joe Hall told reporters that Christian was with Quinn at her apartment when she found some of her mother's meth and started to have overdose reactions. 

But Hall said that when Quinn called her mother on the phone to get help, Pender delayed.

"In fact, she prevented medical care to her own daughter for six hours," Hall said.

Hall said Pender wanted to get rid of evidence of drugs in her home and instead put Quinn in a cold bath. Hall also said that Pender threatened Christian with exposing his relationship with her daughter if he called for medical help. 

When help was finally called for Quinn it was too late. She was pronounced dead at the hospital.  

Both Christian and Pender face aggravated manslaughter of a child charges. Christian was arrested and police were still searching for Pender.