The first month of 2018 is in the books and it was rather cold. We actually had winter weather around here. Well, winter weather, Florida style anyway.

In fact, January, 2018 was the first month that averaged below normal since February, 2016.

We also ended up with quite a bit of rainfall for the month, but that was stretched only over a couple of decent rain events, mainly later in the month. 

Some of our colder locations in Hernando and Citrus Counties had more than 10 mornings below freezing.

Here’s a look at the averages for January:


Avg. temp 59.7 (1 degree below normal)

Rainfall 5.00 inches (2.78 inches above normal)


Avg. temp 59.0 (1.6 degrees below normal)

Rainfall 3.51 inches (0.88 inches above normal)

St. Petersburg

Avg. temp 57.6 (3.9 degrees below normal)

Rainfall 2.81 inches (0.25 inches above normal)


Avg. temp 58.9 (2.4 degrees below normal)

Rainfall 2.65 inches (0.17 inches above normal)


Looking ahead to February, historically it can still be very cold and our average temperatures only warm a couple degrees by the end of the month.

We really have to wait until March to see some real warming take place. Also, February is one of our driest months, where most locations, climatologically receive less than 3 inches of rainfall.


Avg. temps: High 71, low 53 on the 1st to 75/56 on the 28th with 2.81 inches of rainfall historical average for February


Avg. temps: High 73, low 51 on the 1st to 76/54 on the 28th with 2.99 inches of rainfall historical average for February

St. Pete

Avg. temps: High 70, low 55 on the 1st to 74/58 on the 28th with 2.72 inches of rainfall historical average for February


Avg. temps: High 72, low 53 on the 1st to 74/55 on the 28th with 2.70 inches of rainfall historical average for February​

Just looking at some trends for the next week or two, we should generally average out near normal temperatures with a few chances for some rainfall. Enjoy the last month of meteorological winter.