A cat is recovering after being hit by an arrow in Zephyrhills.

  • Cat found after being shot with arrow
  • Sir Robin also had broken teeth
  • St. Francis Society Animal Rescue is collecting donations

St. Francis Society Animal Rescue shared a post on Facebook about a cat named Sir Robin.

The cat was seen wandering a neighborhood for nearly a week with an arrow in his back.

A resident pulled the arrow from the cat’s back, but was not able to take him in for medical care.

The wound where the arrow had been pulled became infected, the rescue said in its post.

One of the rescue’s trappers captured the cat and took him to the emergency veterinarian.

Sir Robin has two broken teeth and the nerves are exposed. He also has a second wound from what rescue workers believe to be from another arrow.

The cat was given pain medication and antibiotics.

“Sir Robin is resting and eating well, but is obviously in pain and is unsure yet if he is finally safe,” St. Francis posted online.

The rescue is collecting donations to pay for Sir Robin’s treatment.

If you would like to help, click here.