A magazine about Lakeland has grown increasingly popular during the past five years.

  • "Lakelander" grows in popularity
  • The magazine is published by Curt Patterson
  • It presents positive stories about Lakeland

"Lakelander" magazine is published by Curt Patterson.

Patterson had spent many years in the magazine publishing businesses when he decided Lakeland needed its own magazine. Fifteen thousand copies of each free monthly edition quickly disappear from distribution points that include coffee shops and fitness centers.

"Lakelander" presents a stylish image of Lakeland with positive stories.

“Well, we believe that the mission of the magazine is somewhat like us living here in Lakeland,” Patterson said. “We are proud of Lakeland. We feel it is our job to incite pride of place.”

Patterson and "Lakelander" have become boosters of the city. Patterson takes copies of the magazine with him as he attends Chamber of Commerce committee meetings.

Lakeland Regional Health puts copies of the magazine in goodie bags it gives to doctors it is trying to recruit. Physician recruitment director Joseph Davis believes “Lakelander” presents a vision of the city doctors would need to see to convince them to move here.

“Absolutely, absolutely. It’s a great place to raise a family. It’s a great place for your kids to go to school,” he said.

Patterson also publishes a similar magazine about Winter Haven. It’s called "WH."