Seventy-five new jobs will be coming to Hernando County over the next three years. Hernando County Commissioners approved an incentive package this week that will bring a new company to the county as well as help expand a current one.

  • County not naming new company yet
  • Company will hire 60 employees with wages of $37,506
  • Interconnect Cable Technologies creating 15 new jobs

Because of a non-disclosure agreement, the county's not naming the company. It will join 125 other businesses that call the land owned by the Brooksville-Tampa Bay Regional Airport home.

The county is calling it "Project Diamond."

"One of the reasons we call it 'Project Diamond' is because we have a 285-acre site that we prepared along with Duke Energy a couple of years ago through our site readiness program, and so this is like a diamond in the rough if you will," Hernando County Administrator Leonard Sossoman said.

The new company will be looking to hire 60 new employees with wages of $37,506.

Interconnect Cable Technologies Corporation is also creating 15 new jobs with wages of $32,614. That corporation is one of several companies currently located on the east side of the airport, which is completely built up.

The county's goal now is to keep the development momentum going and bring more companies into the west side of the airport.

"Over the last probably 10 years we've seen a lot of expansion," Valerie Pianta, Manager of Economic Development, said. We've got two million feet of space currently being used by manufacturers and distributors. The airport property is 2,400 acres and we still have 1,000 acres available to expand."

With business growth comes the need for more infrastructure. Sossoman said there are plans to widen Airline Drive leading into the airport's property,
to expand the roads around the area where project diamond will be built, and to develop hundreds of new homes in the county.

"It's good to be able to see the county progressing and moving forward. I don't think we're stagnant at all. I think we're hitting it on all eight cylinders if you will," Sossoman explained.

No information has been released regarding when applications for these new positions will open.