If you aren’t in to the typical candy and flowers for Valentine’s Day, then get creative!  

That’s what Tyler, 12, Ryan, 10, Parker, 5, and I did for our special someone this year.  

Our project was top secret from Jes for a month.  

If you're wondering who Jes is, she's our hard-working, fun-loving, overnight ER Nurse, Mommy and Wife.  

We put sporadic bans on parts of the house and even the garage since mid-January (that became tough to explain to the Mrs.), but we were able to pull it off with little to no familial carnage.  

And with the help of a couple local pros, neighbors and the blessing from a record label in Nashville and music publishing house in New York, you all can enjoy it now too!  

We call it a Video Valentine that hopefully won’t just bring some laughs and tears today, but for years to come. 

Happy Valentine’s Day, Jessica Lanning! You might not feel it at times, but you are loved always. Even when it seems like us boys may be off in our own little worlds.