A Pasco County man was arrested after deputies found a 17-year-old male chained to a punching bag in Land O' Lakes. 

  • Pasco man charged after teen found chained to punching bag
  • 17-year-old was abused, injured
  • Carlos Alvarez was charged with aggravated child abuse

Deputies were called to a home in Land O' Lakes on Tuesday and found the teen chained at the ankle to a heavy punching bag, weighing approximately 50 pounds. Deputies said the teen also showed signs of physical abuse. 

Fire crews who responded to the scene had to cut the chain to free the teen. They determined the teen did not need medical treatment. 

Carlos Alvarez, 43, was arrested at a nearby park. 

According to the affidavit, "the defendant did knowingly and intentionally inflict physical injury to the victim that resulted in great bodily harm by hitting a child with a belt, leaving marks on his body." 

Officials also said Alvarez punched the victim multiple times in the face and body. Alvarez admitted to the crime, post Miranda. 

Alvarez was charged with aggravated child abuse. 

Officials said the abuse had been occurring since the teen returned home after running away on Sunday.