An encounter turned deadly for a teen Thursday night after Orange County deputies say he tried to break into an Avalon Park home.

  • Teen shot dead by home resident, Orange deputies say
  • Investigators: Jene Rene Gonzalez had 'history' with resident
  • Resident of home has not been placed under arrest

The Sheriff's Office said 17-year-old Jene Rene Gonzalez, who died from a gunshot wound, had "history" with the resident of the home.

Jeff Williamson, a spokesperson for the Sheriff's Office, confirmed that the teen had broken into the home before and was subsequently arrested on felony battery charges.

Deputies said they received a burglary call around 8:47 p.m. Thursday to respond to a home on the 1500 block of Echo Lake Court in the Avalon Park neighborhood.

“The homeowner had a firearm, shot the burglar coming into the home. And the 17-year-old burglar is deceased," Williamson said Friday.

When deputies arrived, they found the teenager with a gunshot wound.

"To shoot the kid dead, that is not the way to go," neighborhood resident Zechary Nieves said. "The way to go should be to call the police and give a description."

As for the resident of the home who allegedly fired the gun, Williamson said he was defending his home; no charges have been filed against him.

“He will have his case reviewed by the State Attorney’s Office, but he is not under arrest at this point in time," Williamson said.

Law enforcement officials continue to investigate and speak to neighbors about the history between the two people involved.