A Hillsborough County grandfather is dead after a violent stabbing Saturday night. 

  • 2 men got into fight at Plant City home Saturday night at 10:15 p.m.
  • One man stabbed the other, who died at the scene
  • Victim ID'd as 49-year-old Moses Wilson
  • Suspect James Michael Meeks charged with homicide

Deputies say 49-year-old Moses Wilson was killed at his private car shop in Plant City after getting into a fight with another man. 

James Michael Meeks, 23, is charged with second degree murder.

Family and friends all gathered at the scene of where it happened early Sunday on James Redman Pkwy. The victim’s son, Damond Wilson, is not ready to say goodbye to his father. 

“My whole body hurts. My stomach hurts,” Wilson said. “I have to tell my daughter this. I have to tell myself this every day. I have to say my dad was killed.”

Deputies say that Wilson got into an argument with the suspect, James Meeks, who stabbed him several times in the legs. 

Family says Wilson was using the garage there to get a car painting business off the ground. 

“His dream. That’s all he does. That’s all he’d been doing. He had a passion for it,” said friend Rachel Lawrence. 

A dream cut short and a family left wondering how this could happen.

“He loved everybody, he helped everybody, so this just a shock to me. Very much a shock,” Lawrence said. 

Meeks faces several charges including second degree murder with a  weapon.