There’s been increased traffic in downtown Brooksville over the last two weeks due to a road closure.

  • Traffic in Brooksville causing concern
  • Part of Cortez Boulevard closed for railroad track repairs

Part of Cortez Boulevard is closed to repair railroad tracks and traffic is being diverted downtown.

That part of Cortez is a popular way to get from Brooksville to Interstate 75.

The staff at Mountaineer Coffee says their sales have been higher than usual for the past two weeks as more traffic has been coming into downtown.

"It doesn't bother us when we're here and people look through the window and they kind of cut around to grab their coffee or get a break from the stop and go on the way up," barista Josh Galindo said.

But not all businesses in the area are benefitting from the increased traffic.

"Less people during the day," said Sheila Kazmier, manager at Kaz's Downtown. "People just don't want to walk across the street to come."

"You have to wait until the light changes before you can even get out of your car," she added.

With more traffic comes more risks for pedestrians. People who work downtown say it's important everyone pay close attention even if you are crossing in the crosswalk.

Just last week two people were hit by cars in the downtown area. Brande Sanders said traffic has been a problem downtown for years not just in the last few weeks.  She said she's had a few close calls here herself.

"At this corner right here when I was coming into work in the morning when people are busy trying to get to work and hit people on their hoods they slowed down enough to look left but they don't look right and they turn right on top of you," Sanders said.

An important reminder for both drivers and pedestrians is to be alert when going through downtown, especially for the next few weeks.

FDOT said Cortez Boulevard should be closed for at least the next two weeks.