Starting Monday, Feb. 26, middle and high school students in Manatee County were once again allowed to bring backpacks to school.

  • Parents informed Friday, Feb. 23
  • Week of threats prompted district to not allow backpacks
  • District adding 34 additional law enforcement officers to campuses

Parents in the district were informed with a phone call on Friday, Feb. 23 that their children would be allowed to resume use of backpacks the following Monday.

The district asked students to not bring backpacks to school following a week featuring several threats to schools. District officials hoped the measure would help to ease some anxiety and fears on the various campuses.

In the wake of all those school threats, school board members decided to add 34 additional law enforcement officers to the district's campuses. That would put an officer in every elementary and middle school and two in each high school.

Officials did specify there would not be officers in every school today, but there would be in the coming weeks.