Beginning this week, ten additional school resource officers will be implemented into Hernando County elementary schools.

  • Hernando elementary schools to gain 10 security officers
  • School board voted for added security Tuesday night
  • Training to begin Wednesday for officers

The school board voted Tuesday night to add additional security at schools in response to the Parkland tragedy. Only 13 of their 23 schools had school resource officers.

"Hernando School Board voted to incorporate SRO's into elementary schools Tuesday night. This policy is effective immediately. SRO's should be in place before the end of the week," the school board wrote on their Facebook page. 

In addition, the schools are reviewing all of their safety protocols, conducting safety audits of all schools, and outlining plans for active shooter drills. 

Many people say the added security will help ease their worries. 

Christine Scheuer has a daughter who is a teacher and a grandson in kindergarten. 

"I worry all the time," Scheuer said. "Now I feel much better that there will be officers in the school and more support for the teachers."

"I think it's a good thing, adding more deputies. It's going to benefit all the students," said Karim Hemdani, who has a daughter in a Hernando school. 

One elementary school teacher said, "We consider them our kids. They are our children. We would take a bullet for them. A shooter would have to go through us to get to them."

Training for the officers will begin Wednesday and the changes begin on Thursday. 

The cost will be split between the county commission and the school.