There is a woman in Central Florida who is a hairstylist, volunteer and a reverend, all at once. Her goal is to use her own time to make a difference.

  • La Tonya Watson Woodruff collects things for homeless
  • Woodruff says her faith in God helped her to help others
  • Everyday Hero runs a hair salon in Orlando

At Estah Locs and Hair Care Salon in Orlando, named after Queen Esther in the Bible, women come in to be spruced up with the expertise of La Tonya Watson Woodruff.

"When you're doing it, you're just doing it because you know it's the right thing to do, and I have a passion for it," La Tonya said.

More than a year ago, she started realizing the huge need for help after what she has seen around the Pine Hills section of Orlando.

"Young ladies that are homeless living in hotels or actually living in vehicles and still going to school every day," La Tonya said. "I also saw that there's a need in shelters. There are some domestic violence shelters out there where there are people who need so much help."

La Tonya works tirelessly to beautify women and offer people of all backgrounds who are less fortunate, the essentials that we take for granted. She knows what some of those women are going through, having been raised in a poor family.

"My hair didn't look decent. There were things that I didn't know about taking care of myself, a lot of things, personal hygiene and how to style your hair," La Tonya recalled.

She said her faith in God pushed her to try to make a difference, with help from her friends and clients. La Tonya has two huge rooms filled to the brim with things for those in need. Each one was donated to make a difference in someone's life.

"To watch those people put those socks on right there and put a jacket on and to give them a sleeping bag, it's a wonderful feeling because we know that we're helping them," she said.