Veterinarians are working hard to save the life of a dog shot twice in the head.

The injured dog was found in Plant City over the weekend. Vets say the dog is in a lot of pain and can barely eat due to the injuries.

But they say it is incredible the Labrador, named Dexter, survived.

One bullet entered the top of the head just behind Dexter's right ear. The second bullet hit the dog's jaw.

"I think it's really luck of where the bullets hit him, because it definitely could have been two inches off and hit his brain," said Brandon BluePearl's Dr. Nancy Pesses.

X-ray photos show the bullet fragments in Dexter's head. The bullets also damaged Dexter's teeth.

The Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida is going to help get the teeth fixed, at the cost of $7,500.

"When we bring a dog in, we do what we have to do for it," said the organization's Sooz Woolley. "And if we keep it for two weeks and get it adopted, it's great. I've had dogs for as long as four or five years before they're adopted."

Pesses said a good Samaritan found the injured dog in Plant City early Saturday.

"He's a good dog and he's been a pretty good fighter while being here," Pesses said. "I've seen a lot of other dogs go through things, and some aren't as resilient as he seems to be."

Pesses said it's going to take months for Dexter to heal from his wounds.

The pet resource center in Hillsborough said it is looking for evidence that can lead them to the shooter.

The Labrador rescue group said once Dexter has fully recovered, it will find him a permanent home.